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What is Software Testing and why is it required?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Software testing is the process of inspecting the software with the intention to find bugs. When developers code, they usually make some mistakes like they forget to implement the business requirement or they implement the business requirement in an incorrect way or they implement the business requirement in a correct way but coding itself is not done correctly because of which the code has issues.

Developers are not the right people to test their own code because of the perception they have about their own code that it is working fine, it is someone outside of the development team like tester who could actually test the code and find defects in it.

There are numerous types of manual testing techniques like functional testing, integration testing, system testing etc. and numerous automation testing tools to automate the testing process like Jmeter, Selenium, Appium, Quick Test Professional, Loadrunner, Quality Centre etc.

It is always a good idea to launch a bug free software as it could directly impact the business. of the organization. In real time maintenance projects, development and testing go hand in hand. As soon as the development team finishes the coding of the software, they hand over the build to the testing team for performing regression testing on the same. Once the testing team gets satisfied that the software is good to go in production after all the bug fixes etc. then the software actually goes live in production for the end users to use it .

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