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What is an Elevator Pitch and how to write it?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

According to Wikipedia, an elevator pitch, elevator speech or elevator statement is a short description of an idea, product or company that explains the concept in a way such that any listener can understand it in a short period of time.

In my own words, suppose you meet someone in an elevator and you want to describe to him/her something about yourself then whatever you say in that short period of time when you are with that person in the elevator is called as elevator pitch.

It is also called as 30 second commercial because it is similar to the commercials / advertisements that you watch on Television, listen on Radio, read in newspapers and magazines on daily basis. A commercial is nothing but the way in which the companies try to market their products or services to the consumers, similarly when you write your commercial your intention is to market your skills, expertise, and experience to the clients who are looking for the same.

As you might have observed most commercials are not too long they last for 30 seconds to maximum 1 minute so the duration of your commercial should also last between 30 seconds to maximum 1 minute. You have to describe yourself in those 30 seconds, keep it short and sweet.

What type of content you could include in your commercial?

1. Your name

2. Your educational qualification

3. Your achievements

4. Your certifications

5. Your skills

6. Your experience

7. Your professional memberships and so on

But make sure that you do not go beyond that 1 minute mark so you need to prioritize the things that you would like to include in your commercial. Include the things that are most relevant to the situation, for example if you are preparing your commercial for a job interview then keep your commercial relevant to that job and make it to impress the interviewer.

The Elevator pitch is nothing but the answer to the most common interview question:

Tell me something about yourself?

This is the best marketing tool you have to make the first impression on the other party.

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